World Environment Situation Room

Launched in 2019 through MapX (an initiative of the UN Environment Program), the World Environment Situation Room aspires to be a situation room for the world’s environment. The Room is designed as a dynamic knowledge platform designed to collect, process and share satellite data and the world’s best environmental science and research. This platform aggregates crowd-sourced, geo-referenced satellite imagery and other earth observation information that is integrated with statistical data on various dimensions of sustainable development. The World Environment Situation Room then transforms this raw environmental data into meaningful real-time insights on global assessments for non-expert citizen scientists. The platform also includes tools for reviewing progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The World Environment Situation Room allows citizens to better understand – and even participate in the collection of – data on environmental changes. This is an example of “citizen science”: one of the most cutting-edge digital tools emerging in the global sustainability arena.

Jabbour, J., Caldas, A. and Peduzzi, P., 2018. “The World Environment Situation Room: Rethinking Environmental Assessment“. 


Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Climate Change, Data, Ecological Modelling, Ecological Monitoring, Regulation