Waste2Wear Blockchain

Launched in 2008, Waste2Wear is a company that uses recycled plastic bottles to create fabrics and textiles. Aiming to provide full transparency as to how they source and produce their textiles, Waste2Wear utilizes its very own blockchain to document and record how the plastic waste they source turns into a finished textile product. Recycled materials are thus tracked from their origin—that is, from the fishermen or individuals who pick up the plastic bottles— all the way up until Waste2Wear’s final product. The blockchain tracks each recuperated plastic bottle with an electronic tag, and once the bottle is processed down to be spun into fabric, this information is logged into the blockchain for each electronic tag. The final Waste2Wear product contains a scannable tag to confirm these steps to the buyer. Utilizing blockchain grants full transparency to each individual product, allowing customers to have confidence that their products are coming from post-consumer plastic ocean waste. While the blockchain itself is fully transparent, it is possible that the plastic bottles can become lumped together during processing, decreasing the specificity of the electronic tags as plastics of different origins become one. Nevertheless, implementing blockchain has allowed Waste2Wear to commit to their promise to divert plastic waste from landfills while ensuring customers of their product’s low footprint.


Blockchain, Industry/Natural Commodities, Pollution