Veridium Labs

Veridium Labs is a carbon credit and trading platform where corporations can buy, sell, and trade carbon credits worldwide. Because all of the tradings of their carbon credit takes place on their platform and all credits and user information is based on blockchain, Founders Todd Lemons and Miguel Kleinkopf hope that their use of a secure blockchain for a carbon trading scheme will inspire more companies to participate in carbon credit trading and become more environmentally responsible. Another benefit of depending on a blockchain is that it hypothetically makes carbon credits more “liquid” in that they are easier to buy, sell, and trade. Veridium Labs was founded in 2007 as an offshoot of the Envision Corporation, and their guiding principle is that given the right tools and incentives, corporations will be the driving force behind economic sustainability. A major critique of Veridium Lab’s blockchain is that like other carbon trading credits, it just displaces the harm to another location instead of minimizing harm everywhere, which should be the ultimate goal of sustainable economic development.


Blockchain, Climate Change, Regulation