Ventana del Visitante De Los Espacios Naturales’

With so many people with their movement and travel confined to their homes during the pandemic, people crave a connection to the freedom and tranquillity of the outdoors. Andalucia’s national parks, monuments, and protected areas were put online in 2020 to provide people with a much-needed escape into the natural world. The park’s authority in Andalucia, with the help of environmental technicians and VR experts in Spain, created a “virtual window” where people, using their phone or a headset, can immerse themselves in eight trails that run through Andalucia’s wilderness. Each experience uses projected models and videos of the given area. People can virtually traipse through tranquil forests, along a rugged mountain, and, hopefully, for a moment, feel a sense of connection that may be missing from their lived reality. There is even an optional educational aspect, where, as people glide through a trail, a virtual trail guide points out areas of interest or gives tiny tidbits of trivia meant to enrich the experience. Virtual reality isn’t really a true replacement for engaging with these spaces, but in times where many do not have that option, the temporary comfort provided by a virtual escape is significant.


Aesthetic/Leisure, Ecological Modelling, Immersive Technology, Lifestyle, Psychology