Developed in 2017 in Australia, Veggiecoin is a self-proclaimed “cryptocurrency for the Animals”. The organization behind the blockchain-based currency aims to improve animal welfare by donating some of the generated Veggiecoin currency to various organizations and charities, as voted on by Veggiecoin owners. The process of generating the currency and helping the animals is simple: users need only download the Veggie software and leave it running overnight. As such, Veggiecoin empowers everyone who loves animals to help towards the betterment of their welfare— without requiring a cash donation. Users can choose to use their coin in major cryptocurrency exchanges, or donate it to help the animals. As a self-proclaimed “altcoin”, Veggiecoin aims to provide transparency, while granting users flexibility in choosing how to spend their coin to support animal welfare causes. Organizations that have previously benefited from Veggiecoins include the Australian Animal Rescue and Battersea. As the Veggiecoin community grows, so does the power of the coin. The catch is that Veggiecoin must gain a substantial following in order to generate sufficient funds to make a difference. 


Blockchain, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Psychology