Under the Canopy

Co-produced with Jaunt Studios, Conservation International released “Under the Canopy” in 2017. A virtual reality experience of the Amazonia, “Under the Canopy” showcases the rich biodiversity of the region, which is put at risk by (often illegal) commercial exploitation. With the goal of zero net deforestation by 2020 in mind, Conservation International has partnered with local Indigenous Peoples in order to support long standing stewardship efforts by traditional communities. While pursuing their lofty goal of zero net deforestation, “Under the Canopy” also displays Conservation International’s secondary goals of promulgating human livelihood, fighting against climate change, and protecting vulnerable natural resources. As of 2020 though, Conservation International does not appear to have achieved their ultimate goal of zero net deforestation. The short film is available for free online or in VR viewing apps.


Biodiversity, Illegal Resource Extraction, Immersive Technology, Psychology