This is Climate Change

This is Climate Change (2018) is a Virtual Reality docu-series by Danfung Dennis and Eric Strauss from Participant Media and Condition One, offering a powerful portrayal of the people and places who are hit hardest by global climate change. This immersive experience shines light on the new reality of intense and catastrophic weather events creating natural disasters, with each installment in the series looking at specific events like melting ice in Greenland, wildfires in California, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, and drought causing famine in Somalia. By using VR, the hope is that the audience feels as though they themselves are directly feeling the impacts of climate change. If they look up they will see a crumbling sheet of melting ice, or if they look down they will see a manourished child holding onto their leg, or maybe they cannot see anything through the smoke burning the vegetation all around them. Virtual reality here is meant to cultivate self-awareness and make people feel as though they are there, or that it would be possible for them to be there, to bring them closer to the issue of climate change.


Aesthetic/Leisure, Climate Change, Immersive Technology, Psychology, Visual Technologies