Proposed in 2016, TerraSentia is a robot that leverages machine vision and machine learning to provide users with comprehensive agricultural analytics. EarthSense–an American AgTech firm–created TerraSentia with the aim of providing customers with customizable robot-aided phenotyping programs. Equipped with a plethora of sensors and cameras, TerraSentia autonomously collects data on plant health, physiology and stress responses in a variety of settings from corn fields to vineyards. What sets TerraSentia apart is its ability to collect under-canopy plant traits such as stand-count and stem width. By providing these unique under-canopy reports, TerraSentia helps improve crop breeding and plant protection research. EarthSense deployed the robots for the first time during the 2019 field season, and aims to release a new iteration with improved hardware, software and analytics based on the experience of early adopters.

Kayacan, E., Zhang, Z. Z., & Chowdhary, G. (2018, June). “Embedded High Precision Control and Corn Stand Counting Algorithms for an Ultra-Compact 3D Printed Field Robot. In Robotics: Science and Systems“.


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