SmokeD Early Wildfire Detection System

SmokeD is a wildfire detection system developed by Polish tech company, Taxus IT Innovation. Introduced in the United States with the 2017 launch of a start-up called IT for Nature, the system is designed to provide real-time detection and alerts of forest fires in order to reduce the destructive impacts of fires on ecosystems, lives and property. It consists of thermal infrared sensors that are mounted across the forested area, and provide 24-hour surveillance. Machine learning enables the sensors to detect patterns that indicate the presence of fire within 5 minutes, and users are automatically alerted via the mobile or desktop application. The app enables users to immediately share the alert with either first responders or family members and coworkers via text and social media platforms in order to facilitate quick response and protect others’ safety. The user can also view images and maps of the region to monitor fire activity over the long term. It is important to note the valuable ecosystem services wildfires provide. Overuse of a system such as SmokeD runs the risk of facilitating the over-suppression of fires which may have long term consequences on a region’s vulnerability to fire. However, considering the role of humans in increasing the rate and magnitude of fires (as a result of climate change and other human activity), this monitoring tool can be useful in reducing their destructive impact on natural and built environments. This system has been implemented in 60 forest districts in Poland and some locations in the United States.

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Artificial Intelligence, Ecological Monitoring, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Monitoring