The Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) is an open source software suite which assists rangers in their fight against poachers. Launched in 2012, the SMART suite consists of a comprehensive software platform that follows a fourfold protocol to transmit accurate information to ranger patrols: (1) Data input; (2) Mapping and reporting; (3) Feedback and evaluation; (4) Strategic planning. Created side by side with conservation managers globally, SMART emphasizes enforcement of illegal activities on the frontline while taking into account resource constraints. SMART can be used by managers and rangers on the ground via the CyberTracker mobile data collector, or for law enforcement regulation. Users can also choose to extend their capabilities with SMART Connect, which hosts a cloud server for remote field use in multiple locations. SMART is commonly used in terrestrial environments but also has a marine-based interface. Currently, implementation of SMART ranges over 200 sites in South America, Africa, and Asia. SMART has also collaborated with Microsoft, National Geographic, and The Nature Conservancy. SMART allows managers to take action against poachers with an accountability-focused perspective in order to properly allocate often scarce resources towards the biggest threats.


Biodiversity, Data, Illegal Resource Extraction, Internet of Things, Regulation