Skylight is a maritime intelligence software geared towards identifying suspicious and “dark vessel” activity to help intercept illicit on-the-water activity. A web-based software platform, Skylight focuses on illegal transshipment, as well as maritime industries such as fishing. Managers and conservationists are able to use the data to properly allocate resources and develop enforcement operations through dynamic alerting and specialized reporting. Skylight’s alerting platform houses its machine learning algorithms, which learn to recognize patterns, events, and anomalies in maritime vessel activity across the globe. All activity is tracked within Skylight’s vessel database, which allows for interoperability between users and stakeholders (such as partner nations and law enforcement officials). The software’s customized reporting tool allows users to select data of interest, from suspect loitering to situational awareness of selected target areas. The software developers are also able to tailor their AI algorithms to private projects, such as “ad-hoc support for enforcement patrols” or “vessel ownership network analysis” to provide further insights into maritime vessel activity. Satellite monitoring imagery of specified areas are also included to strengthen user reports. The only drawback to the Skylight software is its inability to be used on the water in areas with no internet connection, rendering it useful as a third-party remote monitoring service that must transmit its information to those in closer locations to suspicious vessels. By bringing together vessel metadata, satellite monitoring, and machine learning, Skylight provides comprehensive data to users worldwide, no matter what side of the Atlantic (or Pacific) they are on.


Artificial Intelligence, Data, Ecological Monitoring, Illegal Resource Extraction, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Monitoring, Regulation