Project Sunroof

Google-sponsored and run, Project Sunroof allows individuals to discover the solar savings potentials of their own homes and communities. Launched in 2015, the web platform grants users from the United States the opportunity to enter their address and receive an instantaneous analysis of the solar potential of their roof. The platform provides a map of the user’s neighbourhood and home; individual roofs are classified along a sliding scale of “shady” to “sunny”. The analysis also includes the amount of square feet available for solar panels and usable hours of sunlight per year, supported by 3D modeling and weather pattern analysis. The app also performs an automated cost savings projection were solar panels to be installed on the home or building, but this analysis is currently limited, as it does not take into account the current energy mix used to power the homes or buildings unless configured with the appropriate information. Users can deepen their analysis with financing tools, installation details, and information regarding individual environmental impacts and utility rates. Following their analyses within the data explorer, users can then search for solar providers within their area to embark on their transition to solar, all while providing a proximate timeline of the solar switch process.  The web allows for an objective estimation free from market influences and backed by tailored data, designed to promote a data-driven analysis of renewable energy options for individual consumers.


Citizen Science, Data, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Regulation, Visual Technologies