Since its inception in 2016, the Plantix mobile application has been downloaded by 10 million farmers, helping them diagnose and treat infected crops. Plantix is described as a “mobile crop doctor:” users simply snap a picture on their Android device, which then provides them with information on how to address plant pests, diseases or nutrient deficiencies. The app also gives users options to use fertilizer calculators and keep tabs on common pests and diseases. The image detection-based interface covers 30 major crops and can detect over 400 types of plant damage and transmit information in 18 languages. Co-designed in India and Berlin, Plantix offers small farmers updated information they may not otherwise be able to obtain due to access or language barriers. Additionally, the mobile application offers users the option to join in community discussion boards on crop recovery, health and maintenance. By promoting the use of digital agriculture, Plantix not only secures the health of crops, but also that of the farmers’ livelihoods. While accessibility is facilitated with the app, it is India-centric, and may not be as helpful in other regional contexts. 

Rupavatharam, S., Kennepohl, A., Kummer, B., & Parimi, V. (2018). “Automated plant disease diagnosis using innovative android App (Plantix) for farmers in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh“. 


Citizen Science, Data, Ecological Monitoring, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Regulation, Visual Technologies