Open Foris

Open Foris is a set of free and open-source software tools built for environmental monitoring. The tools range from software which facilitates intuitive and efficient data collection and validation in the field to multi-user crowd-sourced reference data using high-resolution satellite imagery and big data analysis. Other software tools include efficient query processes to tailor the products for local needs, and sophisticated customizable spatial statistical analysis and results dissemination. The data collection tools are mainly run off geospatial big-data infrastructures like Google Maps, Google Earth Engine and Bing Maps, while the analytics tools are run off their own Calc and SEPAL tool sets. Hosted by the Forestry Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the initiative is a collaborative effort amongst numerous public and private institutions.

Koskinen, J., Leinonen, U., Vollrath, A., Ortmann, A., Lindquist, E., d’Annunzio, R., Pekkarinen, A. and Käyhkö, N., 2019. “Participatory mapping of forest plantations with Open Foris and Google Earth Engine“.


Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Climate Change, Data, Ecological Modelling, Ecological Monitoring, Industry/Natural Commodities, Monitoring, Regulation