NagriCoin is the only natural asset token linked to the smart fertilizer economy. The basic asset of the NagriCoin, or the NGRX token, is Nagri-HL, an organic fertilizer consisting of microelements and antioxidants that help stimulate plant growth. Nagri-HL has been in development for over seven years, and can be applied broadly in agriculture and plant cultivation to help increase quality and yields of any crop by 10-30%. The Nagri-HL fertilizer stands out amongst conventional fertilizers with its 100% non-toxic chemical composition, while also reducing nitrates by an impressive 50% and promoting the development of strong root systems. NagriCoin was released in 2018 by NagriTech, the international biotechnology firm responsible for creating the new broad spectrum fertilizer. With its Smart Contract, NagriCoin allows investors to participate with ease and transparency as integral parts of an agricultural project. However, in order to generate a return on investment, the Nagri-HL must succeed in the face of a competitive and near-monopolistic industrial fertilizer market. By funding their project with an altcurrency, NagriCoin is seeking to disrupt both financing models and fertilizer use in the agricultural sector.


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