Proposed in 2013 by the Irish AgTech firm DairyMaster, the MooMonitor+ was created with the vision of creating a next generation health and fertility sensor for dairy cows. The wireless biosensors (which track body heat and movement) monitor the cows’ biorhythms, which feed into real time data analytics. Each biosensor  is equipped with a unique serial number, which needs only to be scanned once on the mobile app in order to continue tracking the cow remotely. The app enables farmers to be alerted when a cow is feeling ill, in her most fertile state, and when she is beginning to go into labour— all issues that require immediate attention, even when a farmer may not be on site. Data is collected regarding resting, rumination, activity and feeding states. While critical to the cow’s health, the analysis is largely focused on maximizing profitability. 

Grinter, L., Campler, M., & Costa, J. (2019). “Validation of a behavior-monitoring collar’s precision and accuracy to measure rumination, feeding, and resting time of lactating dairy cows“.


Data, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Monitoring