Developed in 2012, IPUMS Terra is an open source database encompassing a variety of environmental geodata led by the Minnesota Population Center (MPC) and the Institute on the Environment (IonE) at the University of Minnesota.  The database provides users with temporal and global-scale geodata on LULCC, climate, and human population characteristics with scientific domains. IPUMS Terra allows the user to build a custom dataset based on scale with microdata, area-level data as a vector or raster, or modified MODIS satellite imagery.  Users can then utilize  GIS interface Terrascope, which is enabled with tools for easily integrating, analyzing, and visualizing their curated datasets. Another unique factor of this database is the long time range, as it contains environmental data dating back to the nineteenth century. This temporal range, paired with the global scope of available datasets, makes IPUMS Terra a unique and valuable collection of the transformative changes in the human-environmental systems. 

Haynes, D., Jokela, A. and Manson, S., 2018. “IPUMS-Terra: integrated big heterogeneous spatiotemporal data analysis system.”


Climate Change, Data, Ecological Modelling, Ecological Monitoring