Though the bee gets most of the credit, there are seven different categories of pollinators in North America, but keeping tabs on them is difficult. Insight is an app developed by Cameron Cartiere and Geoffery Campbell of Border Free Bees in 2019, a Canada-based public art and awareness non-profit focusing on bees. Insight aims to engage citizen scientists in pollinator research and conservation by recording pollinator sightings on their app. The app teaches users about different pollinators— such as the bee, moth, fly, and wasp— and how to identify species. Users can record on the app which pollinator they saw and the location, and it is added to Insight’s database of pollinator data. The catalogue of pollinators is only meant for use in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, but considering that researchers utilize this data to get a better grasp on pollinator species’ populations within North America, all data by concerned citizen scientists are welcome. A common issue for research for bees is already abundant in highly developed and wealthy areas like Canada and the United States, so it will be interesting to see if this app will have a more diverse range of data available outside of North America.


Aesthetic/Leisure, Citizen Science, Ecological Monitoring, Psychology