Hummingbird Simulator 3D: Bird Life

Hummingbirds are industrious little birds; constantly zipping from flower to flower sipping sweet nectar. Their size, colour, and rapid flitting have long made them an object of fascination for people, and the Hummingbird Simulator is an online game that capitalizes on that popularity by offering a user an experience to flit through their virtual word as a hummingbird. Hummingbird Simulator 3D: Bird Life was released in 2018 by Tayga Games OOO, which aims to create a “world-building” experience for a variety of ages. The game appears to be simple and user friendly; a gamer can flit the hummingbird from forests to bright meadows where you can find a mate, start a little family in their nest, all while trying to satisfy their insatiable hunger for nectar. Like other games that allow you to play the part of an animal, the goal is to create an empathetic connection to the hummingbird and its life, though the ultimate success and impact of games like this are questionable. Apps, games and other experiences seeking to form a “connection” can also create an inaccurate picture of the status of animals and a false sense of security. The reality is that hummingbirds, like many bird species, are threatened by deforestation, urbanization, pollution, and other factors that make it difficult to find food and reproduce.


Aesthetic/Leisure, Internet of Things, Psychology