By working with fishers and seafood suppliers worldwide, FlyWire generates data for sustainable fisheries management through combining on-board video cameras with real time data analytics.. Currently, data on fish stocks is not sufficient to ensure both transparent supply chains and environmentally sound management practices. Developed in 2016, FlyWire solves this problem in four steps. First, the FlyWire team conducts an assessment, partnering with suppliers and fisheries that adhere to user principles (such as transparency). Second, FlyWire deploys their video camera hardware directly on boats to monitor operations; the camera is fully portable and electronic, equipped with user friendly servicing. The visual imagery generated by the video cameras is then analyzed, and combined with GPS and sensor data. Flywire then provides comprehensive reports on fish stocks and catch to users and stakeholders. FlyWire emphasizes the necessity of bringing technological change to one of the world’s oldest and most prominent industries, and doing so in the name of sustainable supply chain management. However, in order to be a comprehensive information analytics system, FlyWire does need to be implemented on a large scale to reap maximum benefits. 

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Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Monitoring, Visual Technologies