Made available to the public in 2019, Climate FieldView’s namesake software provides farmers with comprehensive, real-time field data analytics. Heralded as an agricultural data partner, FieldView can be tailored to a variety of technological outputs and crop yield insights. As a data tool, FieldView can collect and store data within it’s drive system while providing visuals of predictions based on currently monitored and historically surveyed data. FieldView aims to provide users with the proper environmental data necessary to determine their overall agronomic impact while managing fields and maximizing both yields and profits through fertility management and seed investment optimization. The difference between FieldView and other crop management platforms is that FieldView provides highly tailored insights specific to the field’s location. However, FieldView is currently only available to users in select countries across North America, Europe and South America; its relevance to subsistence farmers is thus far limited. 

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Data, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things