Environmental Insights Explorer

Google’s Sustainability division rolled out its Environmental Insights Explorer in 2018 to help map carbon emissions within municipalities. The data tool allows users to calculate carbon emissions from activities for any given city within the database, albeit only within the transportation and infrastructure sectors. By combining Google Maps data with NASA climate forecasts and other Google data sources, analyses are rendered which can serve as the basis of climate action plans and be crafted into carbon baselines. Users simply input the geographic area of focus into the tool and adjust values for one of the emissions activities in order to render desired results. By partnering with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, the aim is for the tool to be leveraged internationally by a wide spread of cities to help in voluntary climate mitigation efforts. In the future, Google developers hope to provide users with insights on the waste sector, and broaden the tool’s reach to as many cities as possible.


Data, Ecological Monitoring, Illegal Resource Extraction, Industry/Natural Commodities, Regulation