Eco is an online game based in collaboration with environmental stewardship that really challenges individuals to care for, plan, and interact with their ecosystems in a sustainable way. Eco was created in 2018 by gaming company Strange Loop, founded by John Krajewsk in 2009. Eco and other games developed by Strange Loop are all aimed at providing the gamer with a new perspective on the world, and places emphasis on ecosystem reliance and sustainability, a new perspective, especially in the gaming world. In Eco, the user builds an entire civilization within one single ecosystem. The ecosystem is diverse in plant and animal life, but also small, and every single action impacts the ecosystem. As the civilization evolves from basic subsistence to a functioning society with a government and economy, the user has to keep an eye on how many and how resources are used so as to keep the ecosystem healthy. Eco really highlights the reciprocal relationship humanity has with the environment. The game presents the player with the unique challenge of living extracting from the environment in a sustainable manner, which is one of the many facets which makes the game unique. The game appears to be well received and reviewed, though just in beta testing, and will likely be refined over time.


Aesthetic/Leisure, Biodiversity, Psychology