Earth-Twine Stratis Platform

Formed after the eco-product firm Earth-Twine partnered with Stratis blockchain technologies in 2017, the Earth-Twine Stratis Platform is a dedicated blockchain system for both origin and tracking data of the seafood industry. Utilizing a tripartite mix of technologies, the platform ensures mandatory compliance to prevent against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Earth Twine technology offers catered product solutions across the supply chain, while Stratis provides the dedicated blockchains and tokens to integrate such solutions-based tracking onto the platform. SPARKL technology is also leveraged to allow the platform to work in legacy environments and reduce the complexities in the seafood supply chain. As a US-based platform, the need for mandatory data on seafood imports to be provided to US Customs and Border Protection is fulfilled, helping address NOAA compliance standards. The platform is also backed by the Greenberg Traurig Law Firm, which specializes in blockchain technologies. While aiming to realize public standards, this platform is still privately owned and developed, leaving questions on its complete viability up in the air.

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Blockchain, Data, Illegal Resource Extraction, Industry/Natural Commodities