Earth Now

Have you ever been stargazing and wondered what satellite was flying across the sky? Or, perhaps you are a teacher and have been looking for an easy way to show the variance in ozone, sea level, or CO2 levels across the globe. NASA’s Earth Now is a free app that displays real-time global satellite data of the latest extreme weather events, air temperature, carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration, carbon monoxide atmospheric concentration, sea level, soil moisture, ozone, water vapour, the gravity field, and satellite routes. All of these metrics are shown on an interactive 3D model of the Earth, where the user can make an animation to show to a classroom, for example, at a later time. Launched in early 2012 with continuous updates into present times, the app is free to download on a smartphone or can be accessed via the NASA website on a desktop. Earth Now is not necessarily revolutionary, but it is perhaps one of the best go-to maps for any of its listed metrics because of its 3D model of the Earth and real-time updates.


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