Domain Awareness System (DAS)

Funded by the eco-tech firm Vulcan, the Domain Awareness System (DAS) serves as a catch-all data visualization platform. By linking all forms of technology used within a target protected area, the DAS facilitates integrated wildlife management. The DAS platform is web-based, and allows users to view reports from camera traps, sensors and on-the-ground personnel in real time. Once critical threats are identified, managers are alerted. The data is visualized by altering the map by selecting the respective technology’s layers. The platform is able to analyze both stationary monitoring and dynamic operational data in order to predict mid- to long-range conditions regarding poaching. The $6 million project began in 2015 and continued for two more years, working with various partners such as Save the Elephants, Wildlife Conservation Society, African Parks Network, and the Singita-Grumeti Reserve, amongst others. At present, it is unclear whether DAS has been implemented as planned, let alone where and to what capacity; so while the idea may harbour prospects, they are not being realized. Nevertheless, by creating an integrated data platform for protected area security management, the DAS has the potential to establish a community of conservation practice rather than operate on the basis of point solutions, simplifying operations between various levels of management in the process.


Biodiversity, Data, Illegal Resource Extraction, Regulation