Data Basin

Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform used by over 32,000 scientists, natural resource managers, and citizen scientists across the globe. Created by the Conservation Biology Institute (a science-based not for profit based in Oregon and Washington), the goal of the platform is to advance environmental stewardship research and collaboration through data sharing and collaborative mapping. 

Data Basin provides the tools on its platform to organize collected data and information, including custom drawings and visualizations, to better communicate and map experimental results. It is also ideal for projects and datasets that are being worked on by multiple people, as it provides a central point of data storage and a common platform for work. Collaboration with other citizen scientists is also a core aspect of Data Basin. Citizen scientists are actively encouraged to share created maps and datasets so that they can be used to augment the work of other researchers. Since 2009, Data basin has provided a novel platform for data visualization, modelling, and sharing with other citizen scientists all working towards reaching a better understanding of the environment. 

A possible cautionary note for this service is that it is unclear how users are obliged to credit the work of others who have shared their data on the Data Basin platform. Members are, of course, encouraged to give credit, but what forms this might take (and whether this could constitute plagiarism) is unclear. 


Citizen Science, Data, Ecological Modelling, Internet of Things, Regulation