Climate Watch

Managed by the World Resources Institute as a contribution to the National Development Partnership, Climate Watch was launched in 2019 as an open-access platform equipped with climate datasets, visualizations and resources on national and global progress in mitigating climate change. Users are able to analyze and compare the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement as well as the historical GHG emissions data to map potential pathways for lowering carbon emissions. Rendered visualizations can be shared, supporting and stimulating environmental policy-making. Aimed at policy makers, decision makers, media, and the general public, the aim of the Climate Watch platform is to increase access to data for better decision-making, while enhancing accountability and transparency of those responsible for reducing emissions.

Hennig, R.J., Friedrich, J., Lebling, K., Arcipowska, A., Ge, M., Tankou, A., Mangan, E. and Carvalho, R., 2018, December. “Climate Watch-A data and visualization platform for emissions, countries climate targets (NDCs), linkages to sustainable development (SDG’s) and scenarios to inform implementation of the Paris Agreement.”


Climate Change, Data, Regulation