Harnessing the power of big data, BreezoMeter is an air quality monitoring app that collects satellite and sensor data from over 7,000 sources worldwide. Launched in 2016 by namesake company BreezoMeter, the app is set apart from other air quality monitoring platforms by its actionable and individually tailored recommendations for how users should go about their day, crafting suggestions based on their identified sensitivities. The app thus provides 6 hourly air quality forecasts and a live air quality map, amongst other features such as daily exposure reports, weather forecasts, and pollen counts. Notifications alert users of significant changes in air quality, and forecasts can be viewed on the home screen through the addition of a widget. The big data infrastructure of BreezoMeter yields the validation of 1.6TB of data per hour, which creates over 300 million geographical data points. Using machine learning, these data points then undergo 7.1 billion compound calculations to understand how the studied air pollutants move. The only downside to BreezoMeter is its potential conflicts of interest, given their line of products tailored towards business solutions.

Cespedes, F. V., Ciechanover, A. M., & Eiran, M. (2018). BreezoMeter: Making Air Pollution Data Actionable.


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