Bringing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to the palm of your hand, BeanIoT provides users with a device that is able to be used across a wide range of sectors and applications. Released in 2016 by UK-based tech firm RFMOD, the BeanIoT can easily be configured to render data to any system. Functioning like a standard IoT device, the BeanIoT nodes are backed by an IoT platform as well as a native app and data visualization service. Described as both “wearable” and “deployable”, BeanIoT offers users high levels of data control along with unique hardware and software capabilities. Big Data obtained through use of the BeanIoT belongs solely to those who obtained it, and it is up to the user’s discretion if and how the data is used and shared. All data can be accessed through an online app by logging in using personalized user credentials. While BeanIoT can be used for any data procurement task, suggested uses are in monitoring smart buildings, sports and human well being, agriculture, and retail. Developers note that multiple edge-nodes are needed in order to produce sufficient amounts of data, and are looking into different ways to lower the price point of each individual bean in order to increase its viability.


Climate Change, Data, Ecological Monitoring, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Lifestyle, Monitoring, Regulation