AVO Robot Weeder

Released in 2018, the AVO is an autonomous robotic weeding platform. Equipped with GPS positioning, visual navigation and machine learning capacities, AVO detects and applies herbicides to weeds with centimeter-scale precision. Herbicide application with AVO reduces herbicide use by greater than 90% while preventing crops from being indirectly sprayed, preserving yields and organic soil life while reducing costs. AVO is solar power and equipped with rechargeable batteries. Once field boundaries and crop line are calibrated, AVO can operate at high speeds, on a variety of rough terrain, and at any time of the day, treating up to 10 hectares of land per day. Currently trained on rumex, rapeseed, sugar beets and green beans, Ecorobotix developers hope to teach AVO to recognize weeding patterns for more crops, such as spinach, onions and salads. Reducing herbicide use is a significant cost reduction, while yielding significant environmental benefit, and solving a growing problem in the farming sector: manual labour shortages.


Artificial Intelligence, Industry/Natural Commodities, Internet of Things, Monitoring, Pollution, Visual Technologies