AR-Enabled Bracelets

These bracelets bring Amazon’s biodiversity to the wearer, raising awareness of the environmental threat of deforestation and forest fires. The bracelets themselves are hand-woven by women from the Yawanawá Indigenous tribe (in Acre, Brazil). The intricate patterns woven in these bracelets can be read by the companion app “Blippar.”  Similar to scanning a QR code, users simply open the app on their phones and scan the bracelet, launching an augmented reality experience that allows users to see the rich biodiversity of the Amazon. However, Blippar doesn’t just offer a static augmented reality experience. The appearance of the animals changes daily, reflecting data collected on the health of the Amazon forest for that given day. These bracelets and the app seek to combine digital tech, handicrafts, and art to foster a sense of connection to the Amazon, its peoples, and its biodiversity. 


Aesthetic/Leisure, Biodiversity, Immersive Technology, Psychology