1 Heart 1 Tree

“1 Heart 1 Tree” is a digital artwork piece launched  in 2015 that virtually connects people to global reforestation efforts. Using your mobile phone, you can grow a virtual tree using blockchain technology. The tree grows in sync with your heartbeat. An image of the tree can also be projected onto a national landmark or public space where the art installation is placed. The project does more than just raise awareness — it actually plants a real tree for every virtual tree that is donated to the art installation. This project started in Paris, with thousands of trees projected onto the Eiffel Tower, each tree representing a person planting a virtual tree on their mobile phone. The artist and creator, Naziha Mestaoui, believes that the project will reconnect people directly to reforestation and collective stewardship of the world’s forests through a digital medium. Over 1.4 million people and counting have participated in 1 Heart 1 Tree, and approximately 100,000 trees have been planted across the world. 


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Aesthetic/Leisure, Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Immersive Technology, Psychology